Victorinox Kitchen Knives Review: Is This The Only Set You Need? 1

Victorinox Kitchen Knives Review: Is This The Only Set You Need?

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Victorinox kitchen knives are the best rated and reviewed stainless steel stamped knives that they currently sell.

They are manufactured by the Swiss company Victorinox Forschner and follow the tradition of precise craftsmanship that is the signature of all Swiss knives, especially the eponymous Victorinox brand.

In fact, you can see just how well received they are by heading on over here and seeing that even the super expensive Victorinox knife sets get consistently great reviews.

Check out the full reviews for this small cutlery block and make your mind up as to whether it is for you or not 🙂

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Victorinox Forschner Kitchen Knives Set

Victorinox Kitchen Knives Review: Is This The Only Set You Need? 2Victorinox Kitchen Knives Review: Is This The Only Set You Need? 3

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Value for Money





As a kid, I grew up watching my dad using his Swiss army knife for a multitude of different things from gutting a fish, all the way to opening the frustratingly difficult plastic packaging that is the scourge of the impatient & elderly alike!

Anyway, I finally got a Swiss army knife when I was 13 (perhaps a parental oversight there!), for Christmas and proceeded to slice the top of my thumb open.

Cue a lot of blood and tears!

Ever since that moment, I have been fascinated by the sharpness of Victorinox knives and just how easily they can cut through things, including my thumb!

You may be wondering what this has to do with this set, right?

Well the point I am trying to get across is that they are really high quality knives and are sometimes a bit typecast in the role of small utility knife.

However, there is so much more to them than just being useful pocket knife, they actually make some seriously good kitchen knives; possibly even rivalling the quality of some of the best Japanese kitchen knives which as we know are forged to perfection for use by kitchen ninjas…or so the tale goes!

Before you decide on what kitchen knives to buy for your home use, you should know the different types of knives first.

Best Selling Victorinox Kitchen Knives

Last update on 2020-11-30 / Affiliate links / Images from Amazon Product Advertising API

Who is Victorinox?

If you have ever heard of the famous Swiss army knife, then you will know what Victorinox does.

If you don’t know what a Swiss army knife is, then you can get out of my kitchen and never come back!!!

Just kidding, I will briefly explain about them:

Staring out in 1884 as a cutlery workshop, their specialty has been kitchen equipment from the very beginning.

In fact by the time that they designed the Swiss army knife for the Swiss army, they were already renown for their cutlery and were famous among the chefs of the time.

Who is RH Forschner?

R.H. Forschner was a builder of scales for the weighing of meat by butchers in and around New York City in the mid 1800’s – a time of quality metal products.

This also happens to be a period of time that I personally like the style of; hence The Kitchen Guy logo!

R.H. Forschner approached Victorinox in 1855 with a proposal to become their main supplier of cutlery to the North American market of the time.

Victorinox was already well known around Europe for their quality and standards for metal work, but the combination of R.H. Forschner Victorinox meant that they could distribute to many different areas of food preparation from the commercial to the retail & trade classes.

They used to be sold under the name “RH Forschner by Victorinox”, but in 2009 with Victorinox’s 125th anniversary; Victorinox decided to remove the RH Forschner name and named all subsequent blades as just Victorinox.

Recommended by:

They also recently joined forces with pro chef Daniel Humm who has given his expert advice about what the modern cook is looking for in a kitchen knife.

Th cynic in me has the impression that this may be a marketing strategy for both Victoronix & Daniel Humm; but even so, most pro chefs wouldn’t ever put their name to shoddy product because they are their own brand and rely on the trust of their customers.

You should also note that there are a lot…really a seriously large amount, of very happy customers that have invested in this set and have come away extremely pleased.

Forged Vs Stamped

Forged kitchen knives

There are the forged knives which is the traditional method of making knives.

This method uses melted steel which are poured into moulds and then polished and ground until they are smooth and free of excesses.

The handles of these knives have the distinctive three rivets that hold it to the tang of the blade.

Stamped kitchen knives

Then there are the stamped knives which are manufactured from a single piece of metal sheet cut out to a particular shape.

These are flatter, less dense, and definitely lighter than the forged type.

What do Victorinox offer?

The Victorinox Forschner kitchen knives offer both the stamped and the forged knives.

However, the more popular are the stamped knives for the reason being that they are more economical and easier to handle on the most part.

Victorinox Block Set

Fortunately, stamped or not, the Victorinox Forschner kitchen knives still function very well.

In fact, the reviews on these knives are all positive regarding the safety and slip resistance handles that make them favoured by many.

7 Standards Of Quality

All of the Victorinox Forschner kitchen knives go through the seven standards for quality which include:

  • Blade sharpness
  • Blade smoothness
  • Blade sharpness retention after a specified time
  • The make
  • Comfort with handling (ergonomics)
  • Balance
  • Resistance from corrosion and rust that would eventually develop through continued use

Choosing the a kitchen knife set is really dependent on your personal preference, especially because you will be using them for a good long time.

Is it for this reason that I will focus this review this particular set:

Forschner knives Set review

The set will be a good addition to your kitchen counter and the block is a definite space saver.

Anyone who doesn’t have their dream kitchen (99% of us I am sure), will understand the real benefit of having a block to plop your knives into.

One option that I have noticed coming about recently, is that of a magnetic, hanging knife device.

Basically you put a magnetic strip up on your kitchen wall, and then your kitchen knives will magnetically attach themselves and thus save you space, time & effort.

I first saw this in my sisters kitchen.

She didn’t put it up herself, but it was already there when she move in.

Anyway, I am not really a big fan of these things. But it really depends on what type of kitchen you have. 

For the very modern among you, a magnetic strip may fit in better to the design of your kitchen. For those who have a more”traditional” kitchen style; a wooden block is going to certainly look nicer and add a more homely flavor to the food you cook with.

What does the set include?

  • 4-inch paring – For smaller cutting jobs and peeling vegetables etc…but you already knew that
  • 6-inch boning – To remove the flesh of meat a& fish from its bony prison…but you already knew that
  • 8-inch chef’s – Pretty much the most important knife of the bunch, and the knife that I certainly use the most
  • 8-inch bread – Designed for, drum roll please…cutting through bread and for some of you naughty cooks out there for cutting through other, non bread things…but you already knew that
  • 10-inch slicing – When you are cutting through large amounts of meat, you want to use a long, slicing motion and this is exactly what the 10-inch slicer is for
  • 10-inch sharpening steel – Used to keep your shiny new Victorinox Forschner Kitchen Knife Block Set nice and sharp
  • Kitchen shears – To quickly and roughly cut meat and vegetables
  • Slant hardwood block – To store your lovely set in!

All the blades are a high-carbon, stainless steel which give the set a very strong and feel which is evident when you use them and also means that the edge stays sharper for longer.

You can read more about the different types of knife metal here.

They are also full tang, i.e. the metal part of the knives extend into the handle.

This gives the Vitorinox set a high strength and balance.

The whole set are made around a black Fibrox handle which minimize wrist strain by giving the knives an ergonomic feel. If you have used a knife that is poorly deigned for any period of time; you will understand why good ergonomics is so important.

These is a very high quality product and so it comes with a lifetime warranty which should be an indication to just how well they have been crafted. This does come with the stipulation that you need to wash the knives by hand.

I understand that sometimes we just want to throw everything into the dishwasher, but you should really take extra time to care for these knives properly and I promise you that you will be rewarded with long life and a nice clean cut.

In fact, Victorinox actually use a special tempering process that means the bald can be sharpened over an over without any discernible loss in performance.



Regarding expectations on the performance of these knives, they have consistently great ratings the best rating even from professional chefs who have very high standards as you can imagine.

It is interesting to note that as a result of these Victorinox Forschner knives being stamped and not forged, they are much lighter and thinner than other commercial kitchen blades available.

This could be seen as a bit of a downside because many cooks prefer a heavier, thicker blade when cutting.

However let me tell you that if you cook a lot, are just starting to cook a lot, or will be cooking a lot in the future; a lighter blade is going to become your best friend.

I have used all sorts of kitchen knives throughout my cooking life, and whilst it is true that there is something satisfying about the look and feel of a ridiculously expensive Sabatier blade, if you just want to get things cut well without worrying whether you will break it it, the Victoinox set will win every time.

This Victorinox 8-Piece Knife Block Set is business through & through and will serve you well throughout its life.


As previously mentioned, the handles are made from a very durable Fibrox material that is long lasting.

I will be the first to admit that the handles don’t look amazing and have a tendency to appear cheap on first glance, but on a closer inspection, you will see a quality of construction that is much more subtle.

What do I mean by that?

Ergonomics my fellow cook, ergonomics!

As many reviewers on consumer search have pointed out, the Victotinox Forschner Knives are a real pleasure to use and have the curious effect of being able to fit both larger and smaller hands alike!?

They have  a wonderful balance and help to guide your cutting to make it quicker and more precise.

One thing to note is that the handles don’t have the Fibrox brand name anywhere, but rather have the Victorinox brand molded onto the handle.

How to care for Your New Victorinox Knife Set

As a rule, chefs like to keep their working space clean and tidy. This improves not only hygiene, but also workflow.

By being able to keep on top of something as simple as being neat and tide, a chef is able to quickly and efficiently create works of culinary genius time after time.

This cleanliness extends to their equipment as well.

Now I understand that most of us are not pro chefs, but following some of their best practices can only be a good thing.

So to that end, maintain your new knife set should be something you think about, and I will give you a few general rules that you can use with not only these kitchen knives, but also most of your kitchen equipment.

Note: Make sure to follow all instructions that come with your equipment.

Quick Tips for Caring For Your Forschner Knives

The blades themselves are actually very strong, but this set is fibrox handled and as such requires a little extra attention to keep them in tip tip condition:

  • Never allow to sit and soak in water
  • Hand wash & dry to make sure they are completely clean and will be free from rust – The knives in this set are all made from very tough, rust resistant metal, but you should still follow this advice to get into a habit
  • Only use the sharpening steel that comes with the set; electric sharpeners can damage the blade by either taking off too much metal, or altering the factory applied edge angle – something you will never get back
  • Make sure to put your knives back into the wooden box to keep them away from anything that could blunt or chip them
  • Whilst these blades are classed as dishwasher safe, I highly recommend to hand wash them for various reasons:
  • A dishwasher may be too powerful and chip the rigid blade
  • Dishwasher detergents may to so harsh that they actually cause some pitting on the blade
  • The high heat may cause issues with the tempering thereby ruining your investment
  • Dishwasher could cause damage to the Fibrox handles


So I really hope that you found this Victorinox Kitchen Knife Set Review useful and helped you to make an informed decision.

As usual, if you want to add anything then please use the comments below and I will get back to you asap