Amazon Basics Premium 18-Piece Knife Block Set Review

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The Amazon Basics Premium 18-Piece Knife Block Set is a set of knives that ensures that you are in a position to prepare meals fast enough and with unmatched efficiency.

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This 18-piece set offers several varieties of knives that can comfortably meet all your cutting and chopping needs.

The blades on these knives cut with so much ease since they are quite sharp and their handles are quite easy and comfortable to hold.

As if all that is not enough you should see the design on this set.

It also comes with an attractive block that is responsible for holding the entire set.

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Why Choose This Set?

Buying the Amazon Basics Set treats you to several knives which include:

  • 8-inch slicing knife
  • 8-inch bread knife
  • 7-inch santoku knife
  • 3.5-inch paring knife
  • 6-inch boning knife

This set also comes with a sharpener, kitchen shears and a storage block that is used for storage as well as holding.

This is an ideal opportunity to prepare various foods with utmost precision and efficiency.

Fine-Edged Blades

Offering knives that have fine-edged blades; they are intelligently tapered so as to ensure exceptional cutting.

The cutting excellence of these blades will simply impress you. You will even love the Amazon Basics Block Set more when it comes to garnishing and preparing salads.

This is due to the fact that these blades function with epic precision hence producing perfectly trimmed pieces.

Top-Quality Stainless Steel Blades

With knives that are manufactured from top-quality stainless steel blades, they are neither stainless steel coated nor made from any other material.

They are manufactured from 100% steel.

This is an added advantage since these blades are durable and can also handle the pressure of regular sharpening.

Stainless steel is entirely responsible for the blades fine and sharp edges.

As a result of being stainless, these blades are effectively protected from rusting and staining. The blades have a smooth surface that makes cleaning quite easy.

Weighted Knife Set

The knives in the Amazon knife set are weighted so as to ensure maximum control as well as balance when using these knives.

Both handles and the blades are in balance.

As much as the blades on these knives are sturdy they offer you the ability to easily handle the knives and at the same time retain maximum control on whatever you are cutting.

Whilst they are not to the same standard as Japanese kitchen knives, they are also way more affordable for the average home cook!

Ergonomic Handles

The handles on the chef knives in this set, are ergonomically designed to offer maximum comfort when using any piece.

The handles ensure that you are able to safely and firmly grip your knife so as to avoid slipping which can be very dangerous. This set also has a triple riveted design that adds to its overall appearance.

Hand Wash Only

As tempting as it is to throw every dirty dish in the dishwasher, they are not dishwasher safe like some other knife sets including the Victorinox knife set.

This set is strictly hand wash only.

However, this should not worry you since the blades on this set do not attract too much dirt and are quite easy to clean.

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The Amazon Basics Premium 18-Piece Knife Block Set is an ideal investment for your kitchen.

It can comfortably be used in a home kitchen without many issues, and its main draw is its affordability.

It offers you an array of knives that perfectly meets all your cutting and chopping needs. You do not have to worry about storing your new set of knives since it comes with a storage block.