What are the Best Japanese Kitchen Knives?

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Japanese kitchen knives come across as significantly unique types of knives that are mainly brought about by what they are made of.

The materials used to make the different types of Japanese kitchen knives are unique from those used for other types of knives, even Western knives. Therefore, they provide you with a different or unique experience altogether when you use them in your kitchen.

Similarly, they are designed uniquely so that they offer you unique capabilities when you use them in the kitchen. You can also see our article about how they are made.

You should notice this from their distinct shapes, nature of the edges and on other components the Japanese knives have. The best types of Japanese knives include.

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The Gyuto

If you want a knife that can slice through vegetables and fresh meat or fish, this is the type to go for.

It gets this done thanks to its blade that is designed to be fairly long, thin and nimble.

The Santoku

This type of Japanese almost resembles the gyuto, only that it is much shorter.

It has a thin blade that is quite agile-providing it with the capacity to do its work. The design of its edge which is quite flat and the tip guarantees efficiency for its role in the kitchen.

You could find it handy for purposes of scooping food. Another feature is that it is light and streamlined which makes it easy to maneuver when using in the kitchen.

The Sujihiki

This particular Japanese knife is designed with a long blade that is quite narrow. It is detailed to perfection and this makes it the best knife in the kitchen that you can use for slicing soft meat, boneless meat, fish, poultry, and game meat.

It is short which makes the whole friction property not to be an issue when you are using this knife. You should be able to enjoy working with this knife thanks to its top performance features.

The Nakiri

This is a unique type of Japanese knife that is designed to be a vegetable knife. Its design and its features make it the best candidate for making quality chopping strokes on vegetables that you are prepping.

The blade is quite short and just sufficient for either slicing, dicing, and chopping vegetables in the kitchen. However, its flat tip and edge would need you to master the best way to use it to avoid challenges when handling this type of knife.

Japanese types of knives are preferred due to their ability to be designed to the very detail that makes them specialize in what they are going to be applied for. They are quite delicate and you should find the tough steel to be very useful for your case.

As indicated above there are a variety of Japanese knives that you can choose from. Thanks to the unique designs and the fact that they vary from one to another, you should be able to get a special one for use in your kitchen.

They are designed to offer you significant assistance in whatever activity you might want to use the knife for.