Sustainable Fishing

Sustainable Fishing

We all love great food, and fish is certainly a part of that.

To eat a well coked piece of salmon, or treating yourself to a sumptuous sushi dish is part of life’s little pleasures. I know that, you know that…anyone who loves food knows that!

But we must also be aware of what industrial fishing does to our planet.

Sustainable fishing is a way to guarantee that there will still be oceans of fish in for future generations.

Ocean, sea and inland water environments are home to huge amounts of different species of fish and invertebrates, many of which are consumed as food or harvested for other economic reasons, such as fish oil for supplementary ingredients etc.

Seafood is respected all over the world, in many diverse cultures ans it is many ways one of the things that connects all humans from around the world.

As an important source of protein and healthy fats it is vital for a healthy and well functioning body and families have fished since the beginning of civilization to feed themselves and their communities.

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The high demand for seafood and the rapid advancement of technology have led to unsustainable fishing practices that are depleting fish and other seafood populations around the world, as well as destroying the actual environment that they need to survive long term.

Fishermen around the world remove more than 77 billion kilograms (170 billion pounds) of wildlife from the sea each year. Note that is wildlife and not just the things we eat. Many other species get caught up in the nets and modern fishing equipment that have no use and are just thrown back into the ocean.

There are many scientists that have expressed a fear that continuing these fishing practices at this rate may soon result in a devastating collapse of the world’s fisheries.

In order to continue using the ocean as an food source for years to come, many very smart folks say that we will need to start moving towards sustainable fishing practices right now.

What Can We Do?

Sustainable Fishing Practices

Sustainable fishing is not as wacky or out there as it may seem at first.

There are many ways that can allow us to keep enjoying seafood while also ensuring that fish populations remain for future generations to enjoy as well.

For example in the Philippines, certain ethnic tribes have traditionally used fishing methods that both harvest and maintain fish populations. 

They will fish for specific species only during certain times of the year by using the natural world that we have been given, which in turn allows the fish stocks to regain their populations over time.

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Consumers...You & Me!

As consumers, we can choose 2 paths:

  1. Carry on as usual and watch as our natural world slowly declines, leaving nothing of our rich bounty for our children and our children children.
  2. Make sure to choose our fish and other seafood’s from well-managed, sustainable fisheries.
    We should educate ourselves about where our fish comes from and how it is caught.

If your attitude is that of number 1, then a sad world awaits.

But if we all decide number 2 is the best way forward; then we can continue enjoying seafood with only very minor changes to the way we shop!