5 Of The Best Personalized Wine Gifts

Best Personalized Wine Gifts
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Finding the perfect personalized wine gifts for the wine enthusiasts in your life is something I have done on several occasions throughout the years.

In fact I have also received a fair few as well from those who know my love of wine.

I have many wine enthusiasts that I care about and need to find gifts for.

I have given and received over the years numerous different gifts such as:

  • Wine club gift boxes
  • Bottles of wine with my picture on them
  • Personal, homemade bottles of wine
  • I have even had a personal photo shoot of me at a very fun wine tasting holiday, (I will not post the photos because they include a friend who does not want to be featured).

Just by listening to my family and friends I began picking up interesting facts about the terroir, the years of the classics, all the great points such as the basic differences between red and whites, ice wines, and so much more such as how to store wine.

During this time I have also discovered some really great gifts for wine enthusiasts.

This is just a small list of some products for any level of wine connoisseur, but for those of you who know someone who is slightly more advanced with wine, I would suggest checking out my massive wine refrigerator reviews to see if there is something that looks good, (they are all great). 

OK so let us begin our trip through what I think are the 5 best personalized wine gifts in no particular order, starting with…

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5 Of The Best Personalized Wine Gifts

Stemless Wine Sets

One of my personal favorite gifts to give is a set of stemless wine glasses.

They have so many choices to choose from nowadays. There are:

  • Glass sets
  • Plastic sets that look like glass
  • Crystal sets
  • Different colors
  • Themed sets

One of my very favorite sets is the Riedel O Mixed Cabernet / Viognier Tumbler.

In my own humble opinion, or IMHO as the kids say nowadays, a stemless wine glass is very a very classy and sophisticated gift to give anyone who loves wine, not to mention that they are much less breakable than the stemmed sets!

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The Wine Grape Book

Another great gift and something that I love to receive is a book.

The book in question is The Wine Grape Book and it is a very personalized wine gift for someone who is interested in just the taste of wine; but also everything about it.

It is an encyclopedia of wine varietals.

Some have said it has a dry content, but it is very valuable for the die-hard wine enthusiast.

I personally enjoy researching anything I’m interested in and this is the perfect book to use when researching wine, whether you are researching:

  • Your favorite wine
  • Looking for a particular vintage
  • A certain region
  • A wine’s terroir

And a whole lot more, it is just an all-around great book to have about wine.

I actually gave my father this book as a gift and he was very impressed with it but had a minor quibble with it because the formatting was a little off. Those were his words and not mine.

When I had a look at it, it seemed OK to me if a little old fashioned. However all the information was there and it when I say all the information, I really mean it!

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Vinturi Deluxe Aerator Gift Set

For all wine lovers, we all know that in order to get the best flavor, you should use an aerator to pour your wine.

This will infuse the wine with oxygen, which in turn ‘blooms’ the full flavor and bouquet enhancing the experience.

The one I have found to be most highly rated is the Vinturi Deluxe Aerator Gift Set Set.

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Chateau Laguiole Corkscrew, Olive Wood

When deciding on personalized wine gifts, the obligatory corkscrew must be included.

Why obligatory? Because I find wine enthusiasts of two minds:

Either they think the corkscrew is the worst gift to give or receive, believing everyone must already have one; or they believe a corkscrew is the very best gift to give or receive, feeling that having a special or unique corkscrew puts one in a class above the rest.

So when I was finding a corkscrew to really do this list justice, I thought about several things:

  1. Quality
  2. Prestige of name
  3. Should it be a set or a single product
  4. Which corkscrew could really be considered a personalized wine gift

It is for those reasons that I decided to go for the Chateau Laguiole Corkscrew.

Are there better ones available? Yes, but not for this price and quality.

Actually you can spend some serious money on corkscrews, but I want Wine to appeal to a broad audience and not just the elite, (mainly because I myself am not at that stage yet!)

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Picnic at Ascot Bold Lux Wine and Cheese Cooler

So I think that I have saved the best until last here, because basically who doesn’t like picnics, cheese and wine, right!?

This is just one of those really nice, personalized wine gifts that everyone will love. You don’t even have to be a wine enthusiast to enjoy this gift.

If you know someone who likes lazy, sunny Sundays, the outdoors and fun (everyone I should imagine), then you cannot go wring with this one.

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So there you have, what in my opinion, are 5 really great personalized wine gifts for the wine enthusiasts in your lives!