What is an Over the Range Microwave?

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What is an Over the Range Microwave? Well to answer that question, we must first begin at the start!

Almost all homes and commercial premises have a microwave. That is because they are appliances of convenience and they can be used to cook food or warm food faster than on a stove or oven.

However, the million-dollar question people ask is; what type of microwave is best for me?

Remember, in this case, we are not talking about brands or models; but installation or placement. Microwaves come in many installation designs like those that sit on the counter, those that must be installed low (like on the side of a kitchen island), and over the range microwaves.

Therefore, what would make you choose the best over the range microwave over sit on the counter or low installed microwaves? What exactly is an over the range microwave? Well, these are some of the main questions we are going to dive deep into:

What is an OTR Microwave?

What is an Over The Range Microwave?

There are few choices to consider if you are looking for a new microwave or your kitchen is ready for a microwave. Many people prefer portable microwave versions when it comes to microwaves because it seems like it offers more benefits such as requiring no installation, cheaper, and easily accessible for kids, compact, and can be moved anywhere.

However, they tend to forget something – easier and cheaper does not always mean better? As such, choosing an over the range microwave is a wise decision; and here’s why:

For one, an over the range microwave demands a bit of fund at the initial purchase, mainly because most of them are top-of-the-line products. They also need to be installed.

However, excluding all this, the final product is what matters. Having a microwave that can boost the seamless flow and elegance of your kitchen is a huge plus.

This is what an over the range microwave can do for you. However, before you jump into getting one, you should consider the voltage.

The Open Countertop Space

The countertop space microwaves are types of microwaves that are simply placed on top of countertops. This means that you have to accommodate space for your countertop microwave.

Think about how to choose one that fits your kitchen.

Having a countertop microwave can be a huge inconvenience depending on how large your unit is and the space you have in your kitchen, which can be an inconvenience.

However, with an over the range microwave, a person can truly open up their counter space, rather than having a huge bulk cooking appliance pout in the open.

This gives you more space to do prep work and space to move freely. On the other hand, they create a permanent in the kitchen.

Installed Ventilation

Over the range microwaves come with ventilation, which is not found in countertop microwaves. It is common knowledge that heavy cooking in the kitchen leads to a lot of heat, steam, and unbearable air filling out a room.

Over the range microwaves come with ventilation, which helps clear unwanted air and replace it with breathable air. This is generally how OTR microwaves work when compared with other types.

This ventilation offers further benefits by reducing energy costs. How? Because the heat coming from cooking is removed, you do not need to have an air conditioner working, saving the electric bill.

You will also need to choose between a built in microwave or a counter top one.

Better Kitchen Flow

For you to get the most out of your kitchen, the layout must be functional for you. In other words, you need adequate space for running around preparing food with ease without worrying about obstacles on your way.

A kitchen without a good workflow will just not work. Countertop microwaves interrupt the flow but having a microwave installed; it gives you room to handle things with ease on the stove and microwave. It is an excellent way of managing time in the kitchen, which improves efficiency.

Easy To Clean Due To Its Sleek Design

Today’s kitchen trends revolve around the minimalistic approach and seamless flow. The idea behind this new kitchen remodeling technique is not having a cluttered countertop. One way to avoid a cluttered countertop is to go with an over the range microwave.

Remember, a kitchen needs to be clean to prevent bacterial growth and infestations. To do this efficiently, you must have access to every corner of the room.

The goal is to create an easy flowing design through the kitchen. As such, it is time to get your microwave off the counter and install it up above your range.

On the other hand, Quality microwaves are generally made of metal, which allows easy cleaning. This reduces smudges and fingerprints, which may make a kitchen look unkempt or unclean.

Specs And Features

The truth is that not all over the range microwaves are not created the same. These products are made by different manufactures and come in different models.

However, to get an idea of the best product to choose from, consider Thor Kitchen – which is 30 inches wide, with a 1.7 cubic internal space. It is made from stainless steel, which enhances its appearance. This HOR3001 model comes with the following features and specs:

• Sensor cooking technology – helps in preventing overcooking foods
• Professional door handle – can handle most of the heavy duties in the kitchen
• 3 softening options for butter, ice cream, and cheese
• 7 easy cooking settings, including the most popular options like vegetables, beverage, popcorn, reheat, meat, potato, pizza.
• One-touch express cooking
• 3 defrosting settings including defrost by weight, defrost by time, 1lb. auto defrost
• Eco mode option to help you save money on the electrical bill
• Convenient kitchen timer to help you keep track in the kitchen while cooking or backing

If you are looking for an over the range microwave, then you have made the wisest decision. If you are in the market for smaller models, then there are plenty to choose from.

The choice you have taken will benefit your cooking needs and leave your kitchen looking attractive and seamless. You will never go wrong with an over the range microwave, especially if you want to create a kitchen that will best work for you.

Furthermore, due to ventilation, all microwaved meals will not have a funny taste or smell.