Can Over The Range Microwaves Be Installed In A Cabinet?

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A microwave is coming close to becoming a basic need for most people with busy lives. When looking for the very best OTR convection microwave, you should consider your kitchen size and layout.

The kind of work it does makes life so simple. Nevertheless, for most households which opt for the over the range design, location to keep it always seems a problem.

If placed at the counter, the microwave can take up space, although smaller models exist. If you already have the built-in model, it doesn’t mean you cannot replace it with this efficient version.

Everything is possible with the over the range microwave. Before going through the installation process, you must understand more about this equipment and its efficiency requirements.

Can Over The Range Microwaves Be Installed In A Cabinet?

Unlike conventional microwaves, the over the range type comes with a fan located underneath it. If you are looking for one of the top models, we have a post for that.

You should also full understand what is an over the range microwave before delving deeper. It is also advisable to know exactly how this type of microwave works.

When installing, the fan stays above the cooking area to eliminate any odor, smoke, and fumes from cooking different food types.

The huge benefit is that you get two functions served by one machine. While you may want to fit it in a cabinet, it has to come with specific dimensions and features to accommodate it.

Take time to find one that really suits you and the style of your house.

First, as earlier discussed, the microwave has to be at the top of the fan’s cooking area to serve its function. Before installation, you must evaluate the space between the cabinet and cookers to ensure it is sufficient.

It should neither be too low to expose it to heat or too high as some smoke will escape into various parts of the house. The height also goes a long way in guiding you on the size of microwaves to purchase. This is where you need to take your time choosing an OTR microwave.

The expert’s recommendation on this height should be a minimum of 30 inches. It means the small over the range microwave will take about 17 niches then leave you with 13 inches free space in between.

The second crucial aspect is the width. The requirements for most cabinets are a 12-inch width. However, the width of an OTR microwave ranges between 15 to 16 inches.

If your location has smaller dimensions, then you will have to brace yourself for some woodwork. You do not want a situation where a part of the machine will be hanging from the front.

The appearance is kind of ugly. Another factor associated with this aspect is where the fan will stay. Is the cabinet located at the exact location above the cooking area?

The storage needs to have adequate space to accommodate the microwave and still leave enough room for aeration. When you warm food or make any dish on the microwave, it will always generate some odors, and you wouldn’t want this to get trapped in the microwave or cabinet.

Upon installation, an over-the-range microwave has to be in a reachable position by all family members. Otherwise, people will exert effort into it, and the result is falling, which translates to adverse injuries and losses.

Therefore before taking any steps, assess the area around your cooking site to verify that it is satisfactory to house the microwave.

For example, you will need to see if your electrical outlets can handle the power, i.e. if they are 110v or 240v.

Make relevant adjustments if necessary, then go ahead and buy the machine. The services it will offer are exceptional.