What Does Induction Safe Mean?

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If you’re considering switching to an induction cooker from a traditional stovetop gas, you may have started searching for “what does induction safe mean”?

Induction cookers are starting to gain popularity in the global market. Aside from the fact that these cookers are versatile, it has also been found out that they are more energy-efficient versus electric stoves and cookers.

Induction cookers are also considered to be cheaper in price, which is a contributing factor towards its popularity.

However, there’s one thing that you need to know – not all cookware can be used on an induction cooker. You have to find a compatible one and those cookware sets that are induction-safe.

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Simply said, induction-safe or induction-ready cookware are those that are compatible and may be used with induction cookers. The said cookware set may look similar to the traditional pots and pans that we’re used to using and seeing, but, they have a slight difference.

Magnetism is a mechanism that induction cookers use to produce heat. Instead of using direct heat, it uses a magnetism functionality to heat the pots and pans.

Basically, any type of cookware that responds to magnetism may be considered as an induction-safe pot/pan.

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How Will I Know If My Cookware Is Compatible With An Induction Stove?

There are special cookware sets that are particularly designed for induction ovens.

If you have a new induction cooker or planning on buying one, you have to take into consideration the added cost of buying a new set of compatible cookware sets.

However, you may also test out your existing pots and pans. Get a magnet and try sticking the bottom of the pan. If the magnet sticks well, this means that it’ll work with your induction cookware. Otherwise, you won’t be able to use it.

An example, a cast-iron skillet works perfectly well with an induction cooker because it’s purely made of metal. If the magnet doesn’t stick, it means the majority of the materials used on the cookware may be aluminum or glass.

Specialty induction pots and pans usually have circular magnets at the bottom. That’s a good indication that it’s safe to use with your new induction cooker.

If buying online, brands often indicate in the description or the item name if it’s induction-safe. You’ll be surprised that they are not hard to find.

Can I Use Induction Cookware on Traditional Gas Stoves?

Yes, it’s completely safe to use in a gas or electric stove and/or oven, but not all regular pots and pans are induction safe.

If putting inside an oven, always take into consideration that the handles may heat up, so it is safe to say to use cookware sets that aren’t made of flimsy plastic handles or materials.

As long as your heat won’t exceed the cookware’s maximum temperature, you’ll be good. If you’re unsure about the materials, it’s safer not to use it.


Hopefully, this answers your question on “what does induction safe mean”. Remember, induction cookers use a magnetism functionality to heat the pans. If the pan sticks to the magnet, then it’s good.