Swiss Inox 18 Piece Set: Massive Value

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The Swiss Inox Cookware Set (18 pieces), is one of the most affordable European designed cookware, and when combined with Swiss quality will get some serious use with this induction compatible cookware!

One stand out feature is that it’s stackable, though not in a similar fashion to the Magma Nesting Cookware Set.

This set is really, really good and the quality is genuinely noteworthy, so I hope that my Swiss Inox Si-7000 18-Piece Cookware Set Review will give you some clear information about just how great a cooking set this is, as well as some of the Pros & Cons of this set.

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Swiss Inox Cookware Set Review


With 9-Layer construction, unsurpassed quality and construction, and an unbelievably affordable price, this set will become the centerpiece of your culinary staples and the envy of your friends because after all, we would be lying if we didn’t want others to admire our great taste.

What’s included in the Box

  • 7 Quart / 1.6 L Casserole with lid, pot is 6″ w x 3″ h
  • 3 Quart / 3.1 L Casserole with lid, pot is 8″ w x 4″
  • 7 Quart / 6.3 L Casserole with lid, pot is 9″ wide x 5.5″ h
  • 3 Quart / 2.9 L Frying pan with lid, pot is 9″ w x 2.5″
  • 3 Quart / 3 L Steamer Measurements 8″ wide x 4″ h
  • 2 Qt / 1.8 L Saucepan with lid, pot is 6″ w x 3.5″ h
  • 8″ Mixing Bowl with lid for easy storage
  • Frying Basket can also double as a steamer for you picky connoisseurs
  • Bakelite Mat [2 pcs]
  • Suction Knob
  • Stackable for easy handling while cooking or storing
  • 9-Layer construction cooks your food evenly keeping it very pure. The 9 Layers ensure that your cookware is inductive compatible and can be used on any cooktop

Noteworthy extra points

  • Plastic liners under each handle keeps your fingers cool while cooking
  • Proper cooking calls for minimum heat on inductive cookware surfaces
  • When using electric or gas stovetops keep heat manageable because the plastic under liner may melt if your heat is too high

What’s Up With The 9 Layers!?

So the Swiss Inox includes a very special layered construction that helps it be induction ready, as well able to use on normal gas ranges.

Undeniably one of the best quality cookware sets coming in at a fraction of what you would normally pay for similar choices on the market today, this set will give you the professional quality you’ve always wanted from your induction compatible cookware.

However it can be a bit confusing and can sound like a gimmick, however each layer serves a purpose and is there for a reason.

  • 1st Layer: AISI 430 Stainless Steel (Induction Compatible)
  • 2nd Layer: Aluminum Alloy (Heat Distribution)
  • 3rd Layer: Pure Aluminum (Heat Distribution)
  • 4th Layer: Aluminum Alloy (Heat Distribution)
  • 5th Layer: T-304 Surgical Stainless Steel
  • 6th Layer: Pure Aluminum
  • 7th Layer: Carbon Steel
  • 8th Layer: Pure Aluminum
  • 9th Layer: T-304 Surgical Stainless Steel

Pros & Cons


  • Heavy, well made and beautiful
  • Super high-quality Swiss design and construction
  • Excellent value for money – an 18 piece set right here!
  • Useful thermometer gauge for keeping your cooking at the correct temperature without overheating
  • Has measurements inside the pots for ease of use
  • Induction cooktop ready and recommended for use on an induction cooker
  • Very quick to heat up with induction and can save some serious time when doing the basics such as boiling water
  • Stainless steel keeps food contaminant free


  • Some folks have noted that food can stick to the pots and pans
  • Handles have plastic on the underside which is great for preventing your hands from getting burnt, but not so great if you have cooked with fire as they could get too hot over a naked flame
  • Most negative comments center around the handles being of poor quality – however, you have to balance out the number of items you receive for the price

Great For

The blossoming chef or the “chef in training”, will spend endless hours creating perfectly executed recipes using the incredible 9-Ply (that’s 9 Layers!) capsuled base technology on each Swiss Inox Si-7000 18-Piece Stainless Steel Cookware Set.

Everything you need to entertain groups of friends and family or prepare simple casual meals is available at your disposal. Large parties and smaller social events are ready for your creative recipes using this exquisite cookware.

Crafted using 9-Layer construction that includes heavy-duty T-304 surgical stainless steel, (yes the same kind that they make surgical knives from. You have to love Swiss precision!!!), each piece includes a fabulous “heat manage thermometer knob” for precise temperature for each recipe.

Let me say that this is a seriously innovative feature and one that I am actually surprised that no one else has picked up on.

I don’t know about you, but I have had multitasking issues in the past and haven’t noticed an over boiling pot until it was too late. However, luckily, I used an induction cooker which is much, much easier to clean than conventional gas cookers.

The stackable design is a wonderful feature for any size workspace and particularly remarkable for limited counter space and small sinks.

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The 9-Layer construction alone is worth every penny and with temperature control on each piece, your meals will always be heated correctly for more flavor and perfection.

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