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Food Photography Tips and Tricks 1

Food Photography Tips and Tricks

I love photography…it’s a bit of a hobby of mine truth be told. Remember the last time you looked at the photograph of a delectable dish and just wanted to grab it? Well, it wasn’t the dish alone that probably appealed to your taste buds. The way the photographer had captured the colorful and exciting …

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How do you taste wine like a pro

How to Taste Wine Like a Pro

How to Taste Wine Like a Pro Wine tastings are the epitome of class and sophistication, and should you find yourself invited to such an event, you don’t want to seem uncultured, but just <strong>how do you taste wine</strong>? Beyond this, showing a knowledge of how to taste wine like a pro at dinner parties will impress your friends. …

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4 essential knife techniques

4 Essential Knife Techniques

One of the most essential techniques that any self-respecting chap, should know when in the kitchen…is how to wield a blade. It really is up there with knowing how to turn on your oven or even how to turn on your microwave. Simple tasks, but tasks that are vital to the continuation of cooking. Once you …

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